Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flexible Ethics: What is Inspiration

So K took the initiative to inquire from a blog on Al-Zanki's Social Media Boss's statement which they boasted on their site. The guys from the Social Media gang replied some days later and I'm surprised that they replied in the first place! But rest assured, both their reply & Al-Zanki's reply have been nothing but a boat-load of egotistical idiocy.

So at first, The Social Media Boss gang said that copying Mashable's Code of Ethics' page is called Inspiration!!!! They were inspired by Mashable's "structure" (whatever that means), so they copied their Code of Ethics page. Not only that, Khalid comments later that it has been removed, and he slaps in a smiley!

Wow! I didn't know that plagiarism can be fixed by deleting the content, pretend that it never happened AND add a smiley to it! Plagiarists rejoice!

The amount of epic fail isn't enough to describe my feelings, not only towards this fraud who calls himself a social media expert, but also my feelings towards those who pay him to spew his "inspired" thoughts and copied book. Sorry, I meant "his authentic book."


Anonymous said...
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MBH said...


Creative but I don't support personal attacks or ridiculing the man on a personal level.

The purpose of these posts is to expose him, not make fun of him.