Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zombies Attack Conan O'Brian's HQ

Today at around 14:00 UTC+3, zombies attacked Conan O'Brian's headquarters in the Team Coco building. Luckily, they had a live camera setup and I was able to watch the whole event.

The zombies are roaming about & tossing toilet paper.

A zombie with a red candle. How romantic.

Zombie eating toilet paper. Going vegan?

Zombie singer.

Zombie singer. Insisting.

Zombies attempting to clean.

Zombies cleaning in action.

Hot cleaning zombie action! Oh yeah!

Zombie singer does the braainnnss song. Needs more work.

Protester zombie demands brains.

Protester zombie emphasizes on needs.

Singer zombie jumps out of nowhere to scare us. Try harder.

Zombie coming out of the elevator.

Sudden party. No zombies. What's going on?!

Human attempts to walk through zombies. Succeeded.

Zombie got tired & is meditating on the stairs.

Romantic zombie is looking for love.

Romantic zombie is asking web cam stalkers for love, or brains. Or both.

The zombies are leaving! Toilet paper wasn't enough.

Sudden poker game. No zombies. What's going on?!

All zombies left. Flyers & toilet paper left.

Flash plugin crashed and its process became a zombie too!!! (unintentional!)

Humans rush to cleaning after verifying the end of the zombie protest/attack.

The floor is cleaned.

A staff member sleeping in a bag with laundry around her...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Unscientific Browser Statistics

In my previous post, Apocalypse Survival Guide, I posted a link to the slides using Google's URL shortening service. I had a few reasons for choosing that specific service:

From the statistics link you can see some interesting things like times & dates of clicks, referrers, countries, browsers & platforms (operating systems / devices).

As of this writing, the link to the guide I posted had 62 clicks but shows an intriguing trend in browser usage:

  • Chrome: 11 users
  • Firefox: 11 users
  • Safari: 7 users
  • Mobile: 3 users
  • IE: 1 user
  • Opera: 1 user
What's even more interesting is the platform usage:
  • Windows: 16
  • Macintosh: 10
  • Other Unix (since Mac is considered Unix): 4
  • iPhone: 3
  • Linux: 1 (that's probably me!)
So people are using Chrome & Firefox more on Windows. That's heart-warming & gives me hope in humanity.

The next time you want a URL shortener, use Google's and check out the statistics by adding /info/ in the middle of the short URL (see the link above).
I used's service but didn't like its statistics page though it links to Twitter & Facebook public feeds for reference, but it doesn't always show the numbers or referrers correctly.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Apocalypse Survival Guide

This is a brief presentation that I prepared for the BarCamp Kuwait event held yesterday (10/10/10). I added some commentaries & extra slides which I only talked about in the event.
Also, all the pictures were found in search engines. I hold nor claim any copyright over any of them.

Enjoy the slides: