Thursday, September 2, 2010

IT Peeps in Kuwait: Gather Around!

Shaymaa (a.k.a ahamshay) has a message for you: If you are in Kuwait and in the IT business (company owner, teacher, student, freelancer, geek, nerd) send your contact info to: info [theAtSign] or send a direct message over Twitter @ahamshay .

She'll be organizing events & stuff! Tell your friends! This is for both guys & gals.

Your contact info is confidential. (The engineering meaning of confidential, not the marketing/sales meaning)

Khalid Al-Zanki: Oliver Was Surprised, Too!

A supportive member of the general public took the initiative in contacting Oliver Olsen, the author of the book that Khalid claims he wrote.

Well, Mr. Oliver replied and I was just as surprised by his reply as he was by Khalid's copying!

So as you can see, it seems to be OK between online marketers to share their content (free or for a fee) as long as the receiving end does some magical paraphrasing so as to not look like a buffoon when someone decides to paste some of the book's content in a search engine.

As usual, Khalid is yet to reply to our posts and he's probably cursing us from behind his private Twitter & Facebook accounts, calling us names like: market business morons or liars, as he also does some of his magical brain washing to his beloved followers & fans.

If you have nothing to hide then why don't you let them see the truth? Why don't you reply to our posts in public? Why post some general post about Private Label and Royalty Free definitions without stating WHY you posted it?

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