Monday, October 18, 2010

Unscientific Browser Statistics

In my previous post, Apocalypse Survival Guide, I posted a link to the slides using Google's URL shortening service. I had a few reasons for choosing that specific service:

From the statistics link you can see some interesting things like times & dates of clicks, referrers, countries, browsers & platforms (operating systems / devices).

As of this writing, the link to the guide I posted had 62 clicks but shows an intriguing trend in browser usage:

  • Chrome: 11 users
  • Firefox: 11 users
  • Safari: 7 users
  • Mobile: 3 users
  • IE: 1 user
  • Opera: 1 user
What's even more interesting is the platform usage:
  • Windows: 16
  • Macintosh: 10
  • Other Unix (since Mac is considered Unix): 4
  • iPhone: 3
  • Linux: 1 (that's probably me!)
So people are using Chrome & Firefox more on Windows. That's heart-warming & gives me hope in humanity.

The next time you want a URL shortener, use Google's and check out the statistics by adding /info/ in the middle of the short URL (see the link above).
I used's service but didn't like its statistics page though it links to Twitter & Facebook public feeds for reference, but it doesn't always show the numbers or referrers correctly.

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AnxiousNut said...

Aaaaand the evil company strikes again like always! I knew google was never up to competing with other opponents, it rather goes for the kill!

RIP, you're now officially dead!

"IE: 1"