Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wardriving Kuwait: Listing Access Points

"Wardriving is the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle, using a portable computer or PDA." -- Wikipedia

Ever since I got my new mobile (HTC Hero) which has both GPS and WiFi, I've been wardriving; simply run a program and it does all the dirty work of scanning for wireless networks and attaching the geographical location of these access points (APs).

The program I use is wardrive. It's written by Raffaele Ragni and is freely available in Android's market.

A quick link to reach the full map is: If you would like a list of only the open APs, visit the program's website:

The purpose of this project is to collect statistics and show a map of open and secured access points along with other things.

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If you'd like to contribute to this project, email me: mbhkewl TheAtSign gmail Dot com.


Bloggylife said...

don't forget to write about security risks and how to decrease that.

MBH said...

I've written those in my site, as the post here was just an announcement.

Bloggylife said...

YUP I checked it but users need directions :P like break down the structure in the main post, so users can know they'll find tips in the statistics link. yimkin I've been in support too long :P

This is what you are talking about right?

MBH said...

Yup, that page shows statistics, explains them and the terms, and suggests better security.

The suggestion is quite obvious: USE WPA2!

I don't think I need a whole page to explain/re-state a couple of lines.

If people are too lazy to open the statistics page, it's their loss :p

Nosayba El-Sayed said...

MBH, I just saw the maps now! Wicked stuff. I admit I read what you wrote about the project at the beginning, but didn't know you got things worked out by that far.. totally wicked.

Shed 7elak in the AJAX parts :p

MBH said...

The project is less than a month old and it has grown and expanded quickly.

I'm glad I found my ways around javascript & XML. I hate both but it had to be done for flexibility and ease of use.

At this point, I think the map part is complete and I'll be dumping more data into the database.

Vinnie said...

Is that your wardriving or is it a collaborative effort?

MBH said...

About 300-500 are from a friend, the rest are mine (5000+).

vinnie said...

So many open points lol
Me like

MBH said...

WEP can be cracked in 5 minutes.

Vinnie said...

even 128 bit encryption?
How is it cracked? can you post an example?
And is that swift response attributed to the HTC Hero :)?

MBH said...

No I just happened to be sitting on my machine checking emails when you commented :p

Don't let the bit-encryption count fool you. WEP has design flaws that allows for statistical analysis to be used to shorten the time of the attack.

Examples are way too many on the Internet. One thing though, most wifi cards won't work -- you'll need one with an Atheros chip.