Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Zain e-Go 180

The new device reported by this blog, is Huawei's E180.

The older model was being sold for 60KD, while the new one is being sold for 45KD.

Here's my advice: If you already own the old model, stick to it as there's no need to get a newer one.

The so called "speed" of 14.4Mbps, is the network speed, not the Internet speed. The network here is the communication between your mobile device (the E180) and Zain's communication tower.

People with the older devices, that have a speed of 7.2 Mbps, would never get 7.2 Mbps of Internet speed, because again, that's the network speed only.

Also, the E180's link above doesn't mention anything about supporting 14.4 Mbps, as the blog claims (or Zain claims).

Plug & Play option is great. It also exists in the older model.

Support for Windows & Mac is great. The older has the same support, and it also supports Linux. I'm using mine on Kubuntu.


Tarek Gamil said...

I have E220 working fine in Ubuntu 9.04. However, cannot get it to work with Kubuntu 9.04.
can you tell me the setting of the Network Management that you are using?


MBH said...

Hi Tarek,

I don't use the graphical user interface (GUI). I tried using Vodafone's GUI but it kept crashing.

I use the command line to connect through wvdial.

I have friends who were able to make the GUI work on Ubuntu though.

I think you may find helpful links on Google if you search for Vodafone mobile internet device, or something like that.

If you want the wvdial settings let me know.