Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Freezing Internet Account: QualityNet: Not Possible (almost)

Updated: July 13th

I'm moving to a new place, and I had renewed my account one month before I found out that we're moving.

When I no longer was using the DSL at the old place, I called QualityNet support at 804444, and told them that I need to freeze my account and shift the service later to another phone line.
The representative said that it's not possible, but he was kind enough and logged the issue in the system for his superior to look at it and follow it up. He said that I'll be contacted with in 2 days.

I called the next day, just to be sure and make a reminder (since I'm losing days here), and they assured me that the problem was logged and I'll be contacted.

Indeed, the day after, I was contacted and spoken to a woman, who said that what I'm asking for is not possible. I argued that it's not logical and that I've been subscribed with them since August 2005! I then asked on whether it's possible to get a refund, but that wasn't possible either.
After some thinking, I asked if it's possible to transfer the amount available in my balance to another account; that is, convert the number of days that I have left in my service into money, then deposit it into another account.
She said she'll ask and see if that is plausible or not. The same girl called later and said it was OK, but I'd have to go over to their HQ and ask them to do it there.

Although we are able to come to a solution, I don't understand why it's not possible to freeze the account and hold the amount in it. I do know that the ISPs rent space from the Ministry of Communication where they install jumpers on the phone line, which is then calculated as part of the cost and the customer ends up paying for it.
This does not apply here, since the jumper is going to removed anyway (I'm moving out, remember?), so there's no cost!

If you're a QualityNet user or a staff member, I ask you to make a fuss about this, because it's ridiculous not be able to shift locations.

Unless they want us to renew month by month, just in case, and they benefit from the increase in price!

Update: I have went to QualityNet's HQ and the clerk suggested I ask an employee regarding freezing the account, and he said that such a thing is done as a courtesy only, and the maximum period is 1 month. It wasn't enough in my case, so I shifted the cash to another account.
When shifting the cash, I had to pay a certain amount so that the total covers a month, or a multiple. (not counted in days of subscription!)

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