Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Khalid Al-Zanki: The Big Successful Fraud

Khalid Al-Zanki is an entrepreneur who thrives at utilizing online and social technologies to maximize a business's profits. He also does that while writing blog posts, quotes, and a book that he had stole from other people!

My good buddy Bashar wrote a post exposing Khalid Al-Zanki and his thievery. All with screenshots. Please do check Bashar's post as it has more details than you'll find here.

I have also took the initiative and did some quick search of my own, to discover even more rip offs and plagiarism by the amazing entrepreneur!

Before posting my findings, I have to explain why I'm joining this expose: It's OK for you to become an entrepreneur and grow a business, but it's not by stealing other people's intellectual property, thoughts and efforts and then claim them to be yours.
What I sincerely hate about Khalid is that he pushed his face unto TV shows, newspapers, online ads and worse held speeches for college students and major corporations.

1) Khalid's blog post: Market Strategies: http://www.alzanki.com/blog/internet-business/business-plan/market-strategies/
It dates to August 20th, 2010, while the source he ripped it off from dates to July 16th, 2008!
You can check the date of HTML pages by putting this line in the address bar after the page loads:

His other blog posts are mostly plagiarized. If not whole, each chunk from a place.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't do business with a thief. And to those whom he fooled already, I hope from the bottom of my heart that you sue him, especially the Australian College of Kuwait (ACK) since he was brought over for workshops to your dear students.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to see how Khalid will react to all this. This is pretty serious.

MBH said...

Well it's not like we're making this up. The screenshots prove it all.

Had he put references, or double quoted the sentences rather than paste them or paraphrase them as his own, I wouldn't have written this post.

Shaikha said...

Bashar's post blew me away!

Oh my God! Yarabbe when I am out of inspiration a3tekef bel daar w atfakkar in slogans to write.
Tara it's not that hard to come up with slogans; you need "inspiration" (and that does NOT mean things to copy from).

Alla yhadakom bas ya Khalid and your copywriters. that was SO unnecessary

Bashar said...

Thanks Majed for sharing and adding

He's only gonna reply if he's stupid.

MBH said...

Khalid has been working hard apparently!
He removed my blog's link from Google's index!

Do you think I'll stop here? This only proves that you're guilty!

Ali said...

Never liked the guy, I remember when my work sent me on a stupid course that he was preaching.. sorry "teaching" I ended up yelling at him the second day for trying so hard to be a smart a**. And now, he is exposed as a fraud? why am I not surprised? lol

Anonymous said...

He was trying his hand at being a motivational circuit speaker like many of the same hucksters in America but unfortunately he was bad at it.

You need to have some writing ability of your own to be a real confidence man.

MBH said...

would you please do me a favor and show Bashar's link/content to your manager or whomever brought Khalid to your company?
It would be awesome if you could take them into suing him.

I heard he was good at brainwashing, I mean preaching in person.
Thankfully his written skills are not as good as his pasting skills!

Anonymous said...

khalid is so smart that i was learning with him & he teached what is copyrtights. OLiver & Khalid are friends & Plkease don;t teach us how to f***

MBH said...

I honestly don't understand what you're trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I was one of his 1600 plus friends in FB, what an egomaniac blowhard, spamming us with his thought and so-called achievements ("I have an important strategy session with VIVA now!") and "Kuwait companies dont know how to communicate" etc .......

His excess self promotion is indicative of childhood issues, maybe he didnt get enough family love or the chicks blew him off in high school.

I am so embarrased for him , always posting his mugshot everywhere hell even hawk a student *high school* publication with a post on himself in it.

very sad man very sad

MBH said...

I have friends in Viva and they've seen Bashar's post, so I doubt he'll be allowed to step in there ever again.

Announcing that you're dealing with big names attracts other big names. It's typical, even if the deal didn't go through :p

Anonymous said...

No sane company would want to deal with him because he always exploits any *ongoing* discussions or work with them - for the sake of publicity. On Twitter. On Facebook. On his webpage. In an interview. ETC

Companies likes doing business in a private environment and in transparency. With training and marketing budgets slashed due to recession, the last thing they need is to spend money on a publicity hound.

Al-Watan Tv, Magazines, Arab Times etc many got suckered into his publicity machine.

MBH said...

You know what's the funny part?
I emailed bashar's post to those who conducted interviews with him and NONE replied!

I did not contact Al-Watan TV, but I did contact Al-Watan newspaper.

dew said...

none of them (media you contacted) replied because they themselves copy and paste other people's work as their own.

I also am on his Facebook friend list and have always suspected something was fishy. His English in his status updates suck but his emails, blog posts and ebook don't. I kinda suspected that someone else is editing those things for him. Had no idea he would so bluntly copy someone else's work. And on his FB status update today he had the nerve to justify it by saying they weren't copyrighted!!!

MBH said...

That's hilarious! XD
Would you mind taking a screenshot & emailing it to me?

Click on my username and you'll see my profile page with my email in it.

Also, he didn't bother replying to us in public, but went into private mode (hiding) and restricted his updates to his beloved fans!

We're doing what we can, but we're very few at the time and would need everyone's support to get the message out there loud & clear.

Randy Ali said...

Hi all,

I would like to say something.

I understand Khalid's mindset. Being a marketing speaker and author myself, he must have tried very hard to position himself as an authority of some sorts.

n his quest to do so, he thought he would get away with plagiarism, and scamming people off. Since in his own words, "companies in Kuwait don't know how to communicate." That being the case, he should have been an earnest voice in the arena and stepped forward to serve. Not self-serve.

You make a lot of money by being honest. I have a book coming out on marketing (I am not going to mention the link as this is not the place to promote it), I have conducted almost a dozen marketing training workshops in Kuwait and consult some big names myself. Never did it occur, not once, to stral someone else's work and present it as your own.

Why should I? I did my MA in marketing the old fashioned way. Became a paid member of leading marketing institutions in the UK and read (and re-read) hundreds of books on marketing by other authors. It takes time, sacrifices and patience. No short cuts. This is the way I know it.

Being a native speaker of English myself, I know Khalid's English is below par of what one might expect of a marketing trainer. Well, thats fine since he's not a native. I dont hold that against him.

Khalid, as a fellow marketer, trainer and author, I hope you do some sincere repentence in this sacred month. You could say that I was your competitor (since we have the same target audience in the same geographical location), but I had respect for "your" work. Needless to say, you have been revealed to be something other that what you were tring to portray.

Marketing consultants get another bad rep.

Randy Ali

MBH said...

Randy Ali,
Thank you for your valuable input.

Marketing Kuwait said...

Dear MBH,

Your crusade against Khalid; is it personal?

I mean did you attend one of his workshops, and felt you didnt get your money's worth. I am not trying to put you down in any way, but you have made a lot of research into his "writings"

There has to be a deeper reason. Would you like to share?

MBH said...

Marketing Kuwait,
Someone asked me the same exact question, which you have all the right to, but on my post at 248am's forum: http://forum.248am.com/viewtopic.php?p=186456#p186456

Made a lot of research? What kind of research is that when I simply copy/paste his paragraphs in Google?

I have never done business nor dealt with Khalid on a personal level. My motives are crystal clear.

Saleh Alsanad said...

Nice find about "Marketing Strategies". He don't deserve to be called successful.

MBH said...

Saleh, I have a tiny surprise coming up today or tomorrow. Stay tuned :D

Marketing Kuwait said...


I dont know who you are, but keep up the good work. While a lot is being said about Khalid's looks and stuff like that; that is none of our business.

We shouldn't attack anyone personally. It's just that its real sad Khalid did something like that. To pass off someone else's work as his own.

MBH said...

Marketing Kuwait,
Thank you.

I don't care if websites & services were run by Elves or midgets, just as long as everything is honest & clear.

Google was built by engineers. Do you think the people there are hot & sexy? No. But who gives a crap when they're so awesome at what they do? :)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with Randy.


Isa Ali