Sunday, August 29, 2010

Khalid Al-Zanki: Out Of The Closet!

After much silence, Khalid has finally decided to ALMOST reply to our posts. Indirectly, too!

His post is cunning! He doesn't say what is covered: Is it the ebook? Is it the website? Is it the posts?
Either way, it clearly means that he's admitting using someone else's content, even if he paid for it.
(and for a change, he actually listed the sources of his quotations this time!)

I have heard of private label services where someone manufacturers a product for me to use under my own name, but what if that manufacturer made the same book/content and sold it to hundreds or thousands?
What if all what was changed is the book's cover? The content's title?

Also, as Bashar's post and mine show, he had copied and paraphrased content from various places. Did he pay to each & every website he copied from before posting? Or do all these websites copy from the same ebook?!

In my opinion, it's great that all he did was change some pictures & styling in the ebook, because it proved that he does not have the capacity to write his own content.
A copied About page, Terms of Service disclaimer, blog posts, and God knows what else! All of that to show that he has knowledge and knows what he's talking about.

Does he? Maybe.

I don't know about you, but I would not do any kind of business with a person who can't write his own content yet sells his services through it!

Khalid, you're welcome to reply back in comments or email and I promise you that I will not modify nor delete any of your comments, unlike how you deleted mine.

Update: I commented on Khalid's blog to thank him for confirming that the content wasn't his & asked him to comment back on my blog. He deleted my comments!!! AGAIN!
Notice the time: 8:07 PM. If you go to his post now you won't find the comments.

Also, it has come to my attention that he has posted his explanation post to make it clear to (and I quote): "most of Arabs in 3rd world are still confused with.."

I would like to see you keeping our comments on your blog to allow your followers, fans and visitors to see the other point of view of the story, rather than brainwashing them with your copy/paste talk.

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Anonymous said...

I find his actions sickening. This isn't damage control, it's outright false advertising and deceit. You would think that, being a "young Kuwaiti entrepreneur", he would want to set the ethical and moral standard for Kuwaitis on how young entrepreneurs should conduct their business today.

But it's typical I suppose, who gives a crap about ethics when you could make thousands of bucks per presentation or talk you give.

I'm very disappointed but optimistic, I highly doubt anyone would be hiring him or asking him for interviews, business really is about reputation after all, as he should well know. Hell, paraphrasing instead of outright copy paste would've been a little bit more forgivable, at least then we'd know he'd actually "read" the material he was stealing. Tsk tsk.

MBH said...

I hope people learn to search about people, or at least visit their websites and verify their content before hiring them.

And by people, I mean companies & educational institutes.

Anonymous said...

MBH i recommend you raising this issue to our local newspapers (arabic and english) to show people what a fraud he is.

MBH said...

I emailed them all but none replied.

Anonymous said...

MBH a few minutes ago i was reading Khalids Al-zankis post and your comment, after a few mins i refreshed to find out that he just deleted ur comments loool

MBH said...

Yeah I noticed! I was hoping he would have the guts to reply there but alas...

Stay tuned as I'm about to update this post with something ;)

Anonymous said...

why dont you make a facebook page, so we can invite as many as we can to have more people know how a fraud he is.

MBH said...

I feel like that would take things to a personal level and it's not worth that much effort.

Our goal was to expose his copying and he posted about it publicly now.

Now it's up to people to search to know the truth :)

You can help by emailing the story (both sides) to those you know to educate people and let them make up their minds after knowing the full story, not just his side.

Anonymous said...

MBH have you read his latest status msg in facebook!!
"Khalid AlZanki I KNOW WHAT YOU SAID FEW DAYS AGO! Just make sure to read this before we meet face-to-face"

MBH said...

I haven't seen that since that seems to be from his private account, as usual.

Meet face to face? I'm sick of his pictures all over the Internet and now he wants to spam me in real life? Ugh :/

Anyway, whatever he has to say, we provided screenshots as evidence. We didn't make up anything.
If he has anything against the issue, he should discuss it with Google for showing us the results!

Bashar said...

Question: If he's too coward to reply to our posts, why does he wanna meet face to face?

MBH said...

AK47 > Words

Especially when your max capability is copying other people's words.

Anonymous said...

"You would think that, being a "young Kuwaiti entrepreneur", he would want to set the ethical and moral standard for Kuwaitis on how young entrepreneurs should conduct their business today."

This is a beautifully written paragraph and perfectly details what is wrong with Khalid Al Zanki and how the biggest crime of all was not setting a good example for young Kuwaitis.

He's the reason why people hate dealing with Marketing gurus.

Anonymous said...

BTW I wouldn't meet him in person.
He's not an idiot.
It's a set up.

He just wants to find out who he's dealing with - get the names - and will sue for defamation.

MBH said...

Our names can be found in various ways & doesn't require a personal meeting.

If he had done nothing wrong, he would've replied to our posts from day 1. To this day, all he does is talk to his followers & fans on Twitter & Facebook in private and avoids any public comments.