Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zain e-Go: Show me MY Usage before you charge me!

I have this Zain e-Go device (Huawei E220) and on 3 occasions I had to pay more than the subscription fees and got my bandwidth capped at 16 kB/s because I went over the 30 GB/month limit.

What I don't understand is since Zain knows how much I'm downloading, why doesn't it show me the bandwidth usage per day?

I don't mind paying when exceeding, but Zain/MTC has a history of mis-billing and now I can't tell why I'm paying extra, unlike the case with calls & SMS.

I'm not the only device user, so it doesn't help to install a program on my own machine and log the traffic.


N. said...

They don't give out details here.. not sure why. I remember getting my 47 page bill in the US with all my phone call details, every single second of every call and every text message.

They don't think people want to know these things.. or maybe there's something else going on..

Cr8ivia said...

thats why i stopped it months ago

MBH said...


Bashar said...

Here you have to pay to know what calls you are charged for. Your request is pretty obvious and I believe should be enforced on the provider. How can I pay for something I dont know about.

Wonder if a complain to Consumer affairs would do it. Otherwise someone must take a tough fight in court for it!

BloggyLife said...

U know how much zain allocated for the total E-Go users, just over 1Gbps, that's their backbone link. Our users always complain about their Internet quality especially over encrypted channels when VPNing to work ...

My response, well my DSL line is working just fine, don't have E-Go, can't help you there

I don't like the fact, that they limit bandwidth/month!!

BloggyLife said...

why don't you all team up and sue them ;D that would be interesting ;) I'll tag along for the fun of it all ;P

MBH said...

Suing big corporates in Kuwait means you spend all your money on a lawyer, and end up losing the case 10 years from now :p

Some of our users use e-Go for VPN. It's quite stable for us.

Wataniya blocks VPN ports and none of our users were able to VPN to work.

Zain had a special offer for a while (donno if it's still going on): Get a year's contract and get unlimited bandwidth.

Of course, unlimited might be a marketing term, as usual.

sarathkumar said...

zain ego 180....am using this device for only one month..at the starting the device worked properly,but now its working is as dissapointing....its very bad the company is telling that their internet connection is 7.3mbps speed but for me its only 120kbps.i forwarded so many complaints to online address but ther was no reply to me...its quit worst...really dissappointed

MBH said...

7.2Mbps is the connection speed between your mobile and the cell tower. It's like having a water pipe that is 5" in diameter but only 1/3 of it is serving water.

I would suggest that you get Viva's service. Their connection is quite strong and stable.