Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Request to ISPs: Consider The Users when Going Fiber

Since Kuwait is moving to the Fiber connectivity infrastructure (hopefully within 2 years...), I wish that local ISPs can do the following:

When users subscribe for an Internet connection, the ISP would provide a standard link capacity of 5-10Mbps, but cap the Internet bandwidth to the subscribed value.

This would allow us, users, to reach local websites quite fast (newspapers, stock market, online banking, e-government) and would also allow us to form online games locally in Kuwait and enjoy the low lag & fast connectivity.

Heck, we can help ISPs reduce the total Internet bandwidth coming from the Internet by running local torrent trackers and serve the weekly common things like TV shows' episodes, anime and whatnot.


Bashar said...

LOL... you're literally asking ISPs for local piracy trade off here ;)

MBH said...

Forget piracy. Let them filter the bloody p2p traffic (it's their loss).

At least let us play locally! There are far too many benefits to this as opposed to the detriments.

Fares Al-Osaimi said...

so you're suggesting 5-10MB local internet regardless of the package the customer orders? this would be great, but why not also do this with current DSL lines too?

and if my ISP blocks P2P traffic I'll switch ISPs on the very next day.

MBH said...

MegaBit not Byte!

Some companies already do this with DSL, but they increase it by 128kbps maximum. Not quite handy.

Basically, the extra bandwidth would allow you to access any IP in Kuwait using the 5-18 Mbit speed (local routing)

BloggyLife said...

though local routing isn't helping much here, but u never know ..

optimistic really (hopefully within 2 years...)I haven't seen any of the fiber setup in houses yet! I'm just trying to visualize how they are doing it, how many pairs they are terminating, patch panel, multiplexers, did they consider the power consumption for all that, how about the exchange end .. if u have pics of the setup .. post it

MBH said...

Sotuh Surra is pure fiber already. I don't know how many cores they're using per house, but I'm guessing one core (not pair) per house seems more than enough.

As far as I know, each fiber cable has 96 cores inside it and these cables are just a bit thicker than satellite coaxial ones, so laying many of these in ducts is quite easy.

I'll ask a friend to take pics of his setup at home.

BloggyLife said...

well they come in different numbers, 8, 12, 24 cores, I'm not sure about 96 though!

Yeah I'll wait for the pics.