Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Flexible Code of Ethics

My buddy K pointed me to 2 links the other day. Here, see these two screenshots for yourself and tell me what do you see.


Yes, this is Khalid Al-Zanki at his usual act of plagiarism and theft. In case you're not familiar with his previous (bad) work of art, here you are.

This time, he's talking about ethics, and not only he copied Mashable's entire page, no! That's too typical of him; this time, he's also preaching in seminars about ethics! After he copied Mashable's entire page, with NOT A SINGLE MODIFICATION!

I hope for a day when people learn to use search engines and run background checks about the people they're bringing for seminars or training sessions.

* Figure out the links yourself. I won't link to his pages to not rank him higher on search engines.

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