Saturday, December 10, 2011

Virtualization Workshop

Greetings humans and bots!

I'll be presenting and showcasing a VMware vSphere5 virtualization workshop at Kuwait IT Society in Rouda area on Wednesday at 7 PM.

What is virtualization? What does it have to do with cloud computing? What features does it offer? Is it worth the hype & the investment?
All of that & more plus a live demo of a VMware infrastructure in the session. No cats will be hurt during the demo.

Note: I'll briefly mention the differences between offerings from Citrix, RedHat, Microsoft, VMware & IBM, but most of the focus will be on VMware as it's my area of expertise.

The event is free for all to attend so feel free to invite others.


Bloggylife said...

I'd very much love to know what happened since the last time I've touched VmWare.

Insha'Allah I'll try & come.

On a second thought, will you be streaming online?

MBH said...

There will be no streaming.

Bloggylife said...

OK the guru has spoken!

Khalas insha'Allah I'll try. See if I can drag Shay with me.

Anonymous said...

do u have any similar events coming up?

MBH said...

I have explained what virtualization is and showed a demo of how to use it & the some of the features.

So there's nothing new to show with regards to VMware.

Are you seeking info about VMware in specific? You can watch YouTube videos if you'd like to see the features in action.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply...i was just curious to know if you have any similar IT events coming up...if so please post it on your blog...

MBH said...


I always do :)

You can follow/subscribe to the blog if you want to receive notifications by email, or add the RSS feed to your RSS reader (Google Reader?) if you wish.

I also make announcements on Twitter: @mbhbox

what is virtualization said...

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