Saturday, March 12, 2011

DNSmasq Offers Sequential IP Addressing

A few days back Simon, the developer of DNSmasq, added an option for DNSmasq to serve IPs in a sequential manner rather than based on a hash of the MAC address, upon my request.

He was kind enough to implement it, allowing me to use DNSmasq as a DNS, DHCP, PXE & TFTP daemon for my VMware ESXi automated deployments.

This feature is available in version 2.58 test 4. I tested it on a bunch of virtual machines simulating an ESXi installation and everything went smooth.

I have to note: If you're using it for ESXi deployments, you may want to set the lease expiration time to infinite because the ESXi installer sends a lease release after the installation is done, causing subsequent hosts to get the same IP.

Big thanks go to Simon!

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