Monday, October 11, 2010

Apocalypse Survival Guide

This is a brief presentation that I prepared for the BarCamp Kuwait event held yesterday (10/10/10). I added some commentaries & extra slides which I only talked about in the event.
Also, all the pictures were found in search engines. I hold nor claim any copyright over any of them.

Enjoy the slides:


firas1886 said...


I missed this at barcamp, so seeing it here is just a blessing!! And apparently, as my friend said, am gonna get popular once apocalypse hits !!! lol :P

MBH said...

You may want to start losing weight right away :p

bananaQ8 said...

am already on diet so good for me ;p

MBH said...

Hey now, if everyone became slim, we'd be out of baits!

firas1886 said...

the Chinese have already started their training !!!