Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blatant Movie Piracy in Kuwait

 This is the 2nd website that I see selling pirated movies including home delivery, without being obstructed by the police.

So why is it that shops and door-to-door sellers are shut down, but not the websites?

The image above shows the site, the movies he's selling, their prices, his name, bank account and bank name. It doesn't get more obvious!


Anonymous said...

No strict laws here with regards to that! 3ad I want to see TV Shows... I am kinda behind now

MBH said...

There are, they just apply them when they feel like it, or when they want some cash flow -_-;

What shows do you watch?
I've been watching them on (requires a US proxy or VPN).

vinnie said...

They r only strict when they feel like it
Thing about how things work here is that the government is merely reactive

The most recent crackdown on pirated CDs and DVDs was pressure from the US refusing to sign the free trade agreement with Kuwait unless they enforce piracy laws

So what happens? they tell them do a public anti piracy campaign but after a while it just dies
My guess about the website is that they simply didn't c it yet, and it depends on who finds it and if they were to bother w/ the paper work
It does require paperwork and the lazy peeps in our government dont like to do that :)

Bader said...

There is also

I guess nobody cares about restricting dvd piracy now.

bloggylife said...

Well our police having a Cyber-Crime division :P Physical security oo traffic oo yallah!