Wednesday, August 5, 2009

trixbox security concerns

WARNING: I want to alert everyone to NOT use trixbox due to security concerns.

I've been told by some guys in asterisk-related IRC channels that trixbox has known security problems and is not fixing them.

A quick search turns many results.

Security concerns include (but not limited to):
- Known security risks in their web-GUI and other packages but remain unpatched
- trixbox sends private information to its company without prior consent of users
- trixbox had history of installing scripts on the systems without prior notice of users

There are alternatives and I will document the installation process of one of them in a later post.

Alternatives are: AsteriskNow and PBX in a Flash.


mario said...

What a shame!!! I find trixbox the easiest to get up and running. I've been using it to test AIX trunks between Kuwait and Dubai and setup was amazingly easy!

MBH said...

Indeed! It was quite easy and the web interface was rich with features, but that's not gonna be worth if it's like Swiss cheese, or worse, if the company just collects personal data!

I actually found the guy who blew the whistle on them by chance! He lurks in #freepbx @