Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Zombie Twitter Tweets

According to this piece of news, Tweleted is a website that hosts deleted Twitter posts.

Did you make a boo-boo and posted your private email? Your password? Your girlfriend's phone number?
Too bad! Someone else has most likely got hold of it already! HAHA!

In my opinion, Twitter is quite intrusive to one's personal life, even when it's by choice. You make it quite easy for "Big Brother" or anyone eyeing your account to collect data.

If you're too lazy to read the article above, I'll summarize an important section: Hijackers present games to encourage people to share information; like name of your pet and first name of your favorite teacher.

Looking at the new measure that NBK took in Kuwait, these can be used wildly!


BloggyLife said...

YUP! Just brainstormed how it works and then read about it, it makes perfect sense.

Locked accounts are safe, you'll need the credentials to sniff around

I like twitter :)

Nosayba said...

Bloggy, I hate twitter. They suspended my account for being suspected of having a "strange activity".. I bet the dudes behind twitter are Freemasons.

BloggyLife said...

They still didn't give ur account back!!! what strange activity ?? el-me3afneen!
yAllah come back, I miss you twittering :*