Wednesday, March 4, 2009

QualityNet DNS Servers

We've had an semi-full outage of Internet in the company. After some investigation it turned out to be that QualityNet is having problems with their DNS servers along with some routing issues.

They have advised us to change the DNS servers to new ones.

Old DNS Servers:

New DNS Servers:

These changes are permanent.


Mahbob said...

I have dns issue with them . I don't know why they always have problem with dns !

MBH said...

That's why at work I have multiple DNS servers set as forwarders to my DNS box. I use OpenDNS.

Bashar said...

Yeah I noticed this problem :/

Shall we change permanently then?

MBH said...

Bashar, yes they are permanent. I forgot to mention that in my post. (Post updated).

MBH said...

btw, I'm saying it's permanent according to what the Corporate Support engineer told us.

If you run dig on you'll still get the old servers...