Friday, January 4, 2008

Google Docs: Interactive Transient Docs, Please!


As I'm going to write more technical posts, I'll be sharing designs, views, ...etc. with you, and I thought of using Google Docs, since I can write from anywhere and be able to share those documents & spreadsheets.

Yesterday, I emailed my manager a link the design I made for a fileserver, which was first made using Openoffice, then uploaded to Google Docs, and the sheet had forumlas, which change when changing numbers. I realized that my manager can't change the numbers since it's a view-only/public document.

Looking further into all options available, nothing can serve what I need: An Interactive Public Sharing, where each visitor gets to see a transient copy of the document, and make changes, but those changes are never saved.Yes, I realize that I can add you to my list to be able to do it, but that would violate your privacy, which I respect. There's no need for me to see who's viewing my documents, and whoever is viewing, should be able to use those documents to their full extent.

I already submitted a feature request at Google Docs, hoping they'd add that feature soon.

Update: I found a free online document system from a company called Zoho, which offers interactive spreadsheets, where visitors can change values of cells and watch those formulas do the magic! My sheets have a found a home that appreciates it :')

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