Monday, April 23, 2012

Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetup: Kuwait

The 2nd annual Stack Overflow Worldwide Meetup is on next Saturday and Kuwait is participating thanks to Bashar who registered for Kuwait in the event.

This year however, StackExchange is setting the meetup for all sorts of professions related to IT, not just coders: Coders, DBAs, Sys Admins, Network Admins, Security Auditors, Web Masters, Cryptography, Game Development, and the list goes on.

The presentations/talks are 5 minutes long to keep room for everyone to pitch in. Also, according to the translation of Ahmad's Arabic page, there may be a chance for romance (?!?!?).

The event will be held at KITS on Saturday April 28th from 1400 till 2100 (2-9 PM).

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Anonymous said...

Waahabahahahaha Romance FTW!