Tuesday, December 13, 2011

CyanogenMod 7.1 for Nexus One and Google Talk

I recently dumped the stock ROM on my Nexus One, after Google failed so many times to implement proper Arabic support and enable the FM radio, and installed CyanogenMod 7.1.0.

One issue is that the Google Apps bundle that is compatible with that bundle has a version of gtalk that is not compatible with the Nexus One, because the phone doesn't have a front camera.

I installed the latest gApps and then grabbed a Gingerbread stock ROM and took the talk.apk file from it and installed it. Now GTalk works.

The stock ROM is about 80 MB, so I took the liberty of uploading the file for you here:
talk.apk (600 kB): 67e322ecdd038cfc4344b6a5ee4cf1da (md5 sum)

Copy it to your SD card then open the file manager and install it.


Bloggylife said...

1st question why would they disable FM radio?

At one point in time I was considering this, http://en.miui.com/a-24.html, but yours seem to have more features. Anyway all I'm looking for is FULL Arabic support.

So now you installed gtalk, did you try and have a video chat, what message do you get, if any, or behavior?

MBH said...

The Nexus One has the same hardware as the HTC Desire, but Google chose to NOT put the user interface & drivers for the FM radio!!!

MIUI looks quite nice! I heard about Cyanogen for quite some time which is why I tried it. I may try MIUI later.

Cyanogen offers full Arabic support: reading in all apps + keyboard.

As for gtalk, you cannot have video chat on the Nexus One because it doesn't have a front camera. If you have a newer phone, the built in gtalk app with the gApps package will work out of the box.

Bloggylife said...

I thought you've the video chat option on your gtalk app, because you manually installed gtalk.

BTW which gtalk mobile app release supports video calls?