Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google's Response to Chinese Attacks

Google has finally spoken officially on the attacks on its infrastructure and the theft of intellectual property in China.

It's not clear in their response what was stolen from Google itself, but it did state that some email accounts of Human Rights activists were accessed.

For now, as a response, Google has started providing uncensored search results, which the Chinese government had mandated at the time of business negotiations in 2006.

It's yet not clear whether Google will withdraw from China, but it's a possibility.

The link above contains links to detailed reports on the attacks and responses.


Lama said...

Some people are suggesting that google's stance is "more about business than thwarting evil". And that all of this hype about the attacks & censorship is nothing but an excuse so that they can retreat in a more professional way. Who knows!

MBH said...

China is a huge market for advertisement and Google walking out is a big loss to it, because the player will be Bing only (since MS & Yahoo! stroke a deal to share ads).

What Google fears is more attacks and more theft. If their systems got breached severely, their hard-worked algorithms and optimizations will be handed to the Chinese, and who knows what they'll do with it.

bloggylife said...

China has huge nonsense censoring rules!

Here is based on Religion mostly there on Politics!

Even Iran come to think of it, but I guess China is more IT-aware, getting past their censoring walls is tough and bad. And their scamming is ridiculous, we used to get bullshit calls/faxes from China!