Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Al-Ghanim X-Cite: Reported Attack Site

A friend sent me an email saying that Al-Ghanim's XCite website is being reported as a malicious website, by Firefox and Google.

Go to their website, click on Search then "Search By Keyword"

Since they run .asp pages, they have a Windows web-server and it seems to be infected. Also, according to Google's report, the website has been reported for malicious activity 5 times in the past 90 days.

If you know anyone who works at Al-Ghanim, make sure you pass this to them so that they clean up their server! (My company sells and deploys Kaspersky for enterprises)

I tried contacting Al-Ghanim via their online web-form but it crashed...


Vinnie said...

Ah dude, this excite for some reason they seem to have the highest of prices
Go to Marina Mall and check the prices of some items in Virgin like video game consoles, games, mac products, software, and compare it to their neighbor virgin, excite is always more expensive.

I found Carrefour in Avenues very reasonably priced, even more reasonable than Rihab in Hawalli. But that might be because they dont specialize in tech stuff they just sell them on the side at fair price

I know what I said has nothing to do w/ the malicious site, but I just can't feel any sympathy to these guys at excite.

bloggylife said...

Well they do have a contact page, if you want to report it.

3ad bad rep for their advertised tech force service :P

MBH said...

A friend was looking into buying a new phone and XCite's prices were 100KD more than Amazon's for multiple phones. Needless to say, he bought it from Amazon.

I tried contacting them via the form, but it crashed on their end. Check out the newly added picture :p

bloggylife said...

LOL I hope they did not pay for this stupid website, even the template is out of the shelf!

JΣrrY said...

didnt face any problem..i am on chrome

MBH said...

This was way back in January. I'm sure they fixed it by now :)