Friday, November 19, 2010

Untangle To Include Web Cache

Untangle is a gateway controller built on top of Linux. It can act as a router or a transparent bridge in the network.

Untangle is open source and offers a free version. The free version provides the following:

  1. Web URL filter
  2. Virus Scanner & Blocker
  3. Spam Blocker
  4. Attack Blocker
  5. Phish Blocker
  6. Spyware Blocker
  7. Protocol Control (Layer-7 filtering)
  8. Captive Portal
  9. Firewall
  10. Intrusion Prevention
  11. OpenVPN
  12. Reports

It currently does not provide a caching proxy, but I received an email notification today that the Untangle Web Cache feature request ticket, that was opened 2 years ago, has been assigned to a developer and should be included in Untangle 8.1. The current version as of this writing is 8.0.

I don't know when it's due, but that's certainly great news! I've been told by many people that making squid work with clamav is a huge headache as it often just dies (squid). So I'm guessing the Untangle team has finally worked a way to get around these issues.


waffelboy said...

Hi all... just wanted to write in and let you know that Untangle 8.1 is out and it includes the beloved Web Proxy Cache

MBH said...


Thank for the announcement. I'm actually a bit disappointed at the fact that it's not free.

We've been asking for this feature for so many years :/

But, it's their right to charge for the time they spent into integrating all those modules.