Saturday, June 26, 2010

Android Froyo 2.2 FRF83 Stable/Final Is Here

Build FRF50 was a beta, followed by a second beta FRF72 and now Google has started pushing the final build named FRF83 Over The Air (OTA) a few days back.

If you're running FRF50, you can download the stable update (1.8MB) from Google directly.

As usual, rename the file to, put it on your sdcard and follow the instructions from #1, skipping #4.

If you have another build, then read on at this link.


Sonix said...

Its a great update. Also, arabic update is released too:

MBH said...

Meh! Last time I tried it, only SMS worked fine, while emails & browser text had their letters chopped.

Also, every time an update is released, I have to unroot (recover boot.img), restore original files, update, then root, patch, ...etc. -- it's annoying.

And as I stated in previous posts, I used my old Nokia 9500 for 4 years without Arabic, and I was fine, so a few extra years won't be much of a difference :p

Anonymous said...

I think the final OTA is FRF85B and not FRF83 you can get it with a quick search or just wait for the OTA to happen.

MBH said...

Thanks for the tip! :D