Thursday, March 13, 2008

Internet Shopping: Dreaming of Things You Will Never Purchase

The Internet provided means of reaching people without boundaries, beyond borders and resulted in a huge expansion in International freight & logistics services expansion.

However, post 9/11 events, the US & EU have "tightened security", along with credit card companies, and made everyone outside their region miserable, by requireing ridiculous set of rules that reduced (if not prevented) International trade over the Internet.

Many great websites like & wee considered the best places to purchase computer hardware & accessories, because of the low prices compared to the local market (assuming the local market had it in the first place) and because of the wide variety of items, that they offer. Unfortunately, due to the reasons mentioned, those websites can't sell to anyone unless they verify his/her identity, by requesting name, VISA card, social security number & residence, and all this info must match that registered on the VISA, otherwise, you're considered a fraudster and denied transaction (if not reported to VISA & police as well!!)

The problem with such websites (I had personal experience with them), is that they do not mention that they accept American credit cards or paypal accounts only, and people like me end up going through the whole search-purchase-wait-disappointment process. It would help a lot, if they would mention that fact in their FAQ or at least in the payment page... It would save us the time and look for other sites, and them the time to attend to useless orders & emails.

In the past 2 years, our local market has become a monopoly where most shops agree on a certain price for all items, and the victim is the consumer, and the only way out is to purchase from the Internet, and now that famous websites are being locked out, we're forced to turn to non-famous websites that may in fact be a total rip-off. So how did the credit card companies reduce fraud? I have no idea.

So, where do I get my stuff from? Mostly, which for some reason, does accept International VISA and doesn't enforce ridiculous rules on the buyers.
The problem? They're not a computer house, and even though have some things, it's just not the place for the computer-holic to get his/her dosage of hardware & accessories, not to mention price differences, as they tend to be higher than websites like newegg.

If any of you have a way to purchase things from the US or EU without pleading & begging in emails to companies, please let me know!


ahmad.TV said...

u can always wire the funds to them, I've tried it several times, its not a quick solution, but works, though sometimes it could take days for the wire to arrive

MBH said...

I look for quick and cheap solutions. Wiring money isn't any of them!

I guess it would work, if I was really really desperate :/

Thanks for the suggestion.