Sunday, January 30, 2011

New Google Docs Shows No Love For Blogs

I haven't used Google Docs to publish posts in a while and I found out today that the new version of Google Docs does not support publishing to blogs. I found out after I had finished writing my post.

I didn't find a way to revert back, as the option to use the old version has been removed. Also, Blogger has no option to import a post from an ODF or Word.
My options are limited to one: Pasting the text into the composer then manually removing any coloring of the text, since it hard-codes the colors which contradict with my theme.

I'll blame myself for trusting Google in maintaining a usable solution after deploying it to the masses. I'll stick to writing in Blogger's direct composer from now on.


AnxiousNut said...

Ah, ... I write my blogs in a text editor - HTML formated. Next and last step is copying text/code to Wordpress and publishing it. <-- Easiest and most efficient solution I found so far!

MBH said...

That's how I've written all my posts that contained code, and the majority.

I think I used Google Docs for 2 posts only, but I loved it :(

Utku Utkan said...

Why don't you try It allows you to automatically publish your documents as blog posts. All you have to do is to create a document inside a collection shared with you.