Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Facebook Desperate For Love

After so many Facebook privacy breaches by Facebook itself, and the recent statement of its founder on how privacy is not important and everything should be publicly available, seems like Facebook is trying hard to get some back respect and love...

If privacy isn't that important, then why is its founder's profile private? The same person calling for public exposure of info... hmmm???

Note: Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook) has 2 profiles: A public one (for stunts) and a private one (which got breached when they broke their own privacy rules!).

Try harder you snob.


Lama said...

Facebook's initial success was because of the privacy settings it had. That was it's competitive edge over other social networks like hi5. You get to choose who to add, and who's gonna see what of information. Your pictures were limited to your own community of friends, and now that's gone!

This, however, encouraged people to share more and more of their information and life events in a way that might be breaching their privacy without them feeling it. Who knows where all of these information posted go, and who gets to see/analyze it behind the scenes!

Let's hope the new undesirably-less-private settings would hold people back from exposing their life to the public!

MBH said...

The thing is, the morons at Facebook didn't even test the settings before rolling out, and they certainly didn't mention how those settings will behave; all they said was "enhanced" and "simplified" -- *and they were neither*

During the days of the release of the stupid new settings (2 or 3 days I think), too many people had too much access to data.

If that was intentional, which seems to me like it is, certain organizations with fat Internet links would have obtained a lot of valuable data.