Monday, April 13, 2009

BumpTop: The New Desktop Experience!

I got this through the maillist and I have to admit that even though I'm not a graphical interface kind of person, the idea is awesome!

It's a new concept of having a "desktop" where you treat it like you treat your own desk: Have stuff laying around, stuff pinned to the wall, stuff piled up, ...etc.

If you're a person who liked graphical effects and like to interact with your computer, I think this fits you quite well! (It even has themes!)

The original video of the idea is here. It explains the idea & its origin.

Software: -- Currently Windows only, but you can vote for Linux &/| Mac.

If you run this software, kindly leave your feed back here, or link back to me with your own review of it.

1 comment:

BloggyLife said...

I just downloaded after reading it from Bashar's post

I put it atop my Vista and you can imagine the terror! now you can cook over my laptop ;P

My desktop is slick clean other than the recycle bin, but definitely going to give it a real run on work PC, much larger screen and more resources and better yet winxp